Sliding Puzzle to Keep you busy

Sliding Puzzle

Purpose and Object of the Sliding Puzzle

A sliding puzzle is a game where a player rearranges a set of square tiles, usually numbered, within a grid. The goal is to arrange the tiles in a specific order by sliding them into the empty space until the desired pattern or sequence is achieved. The challenge lies in figuring out the correct moves to solve the puzzle, often requiring strategy and logical thinking.

Sliding Puzzle Game

Sliding Puzzle Game


  1. Start with a grid of square tiles arranged in a random order within a container.
  2. One tile space within the grid is left empty, creating a gap that allows tiles to be moved.
  3. The player interacts with the puzzle by clicking on a tile adjacent to the empty space.
  4. If the clicked tile is adjacent to the empty space horizontally or vertically, it will slide into the empty space.
  5. The player continues to move the tiles around by sliding them into the empty space, gradually rearranging them.
  6. The objective is to slide the tiles until they are arranged in a specific pattern or sequence. This pattern could be ascending order, an image, or any other desired configuration.
  7. The player wins the game when they successfully arrange the tiles in the correct order.

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