8 Irresistible Attractions at Somerset Lavender: A Journey Through Scent and Beauty

8 Irresistible Attractions at Somerset Lavender

Key Takeaways

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  • Stunning Lavender Landscapes: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of extensive lavender fields, offering a serene and picturesque setting.
  • Diverse Plant Selection: Explore a variety of plants in the nursery and gardens, including salvias, hydrangeas, and a mix of vegetables.
  • Unique Lavender Products and Café: Discover a wide range of lavender products and enjoy homemade cakes and the special lavender cream tea.
  • Commitment to Wildlife and Conservation: Witness the farm’s role in supporting local wildlife and its dedication to environmental conservation.
  • Top-Notch Facilities and Accessibility: Experience the farm’s exceptional cleanliness and its accessibility features for a comfortable visit.
  • Community-Focused, Donation-Based Entry: Appreciate the farm’s community spirit with its donation-based entry, supporting its ongoing maintenance and public accessibility.

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Introduction: The Essence of Somerset Lavender

Welcome to Somerset Lavender, a hidden gem nestled in the rolling countryside of South West England.

Here, the simplicity of nature intertwines with the elegance of traditional English gardening, crafting a serene oasis far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Let’s delve into the essence of Somerset Lavender, a farm that not only showcases the beauty of nature and the dedication of a family but also offers a tranquil slice of the English countryside.

Location and Setting: Nestled in Faulkland, Radstock, Somerset

Somerset Lavender, situated in the picturesque village of Faulkland near Radstock in Somerset, is an idyllic countryside destination conveniently close to major cities. It’s just about 10 miles (16 km) from the historic city of Bath and a little over 20 miles (32 km) from the vibrant city of Bristol.

The Farm’s History and Vision: A Multi-Generational Family’s Legacy at Somerset Lavender

Somerset Lavender, established in 2006 in the verdant countryside of Somerset, is the culmination of a multi-generational family’s dedication to lavender farming. This family-run business has grown from a deep-rooted love for nature and a commitment to sustainable, organic farming practices.

Throughout the years, the family has nurtured a diverse range of lavender species, skillfully blending traditional farming methods with modern, eco-friendly techniques. This approach has not only sustained the farm’s vitality but also fostered a harmonious relationship with the local ecosystem.

The Lavender Fields: A Sensorial Experience

Exploring the Fields:

As you step into Somerset Lavender, the farm reveals its diverse landscape in a captivating display. To your right, the authenticity of the working farm is evident with large barns, home to tractors and essential farming equipment, showcasing the farm’s operational heart. To your left, the welcoming nursery, café, and gift shop invite visitors to explore and indulge in the farm’s lavender-centric offerings.

Straight ahead lies the practical yet well-integrated car park, a nod to the farm’s visitor-friendly design. Beside it, the scene shifts to a more whimsical note with a colorful vegetable and flower garden. This garden is a riot of colors, with various vegetables and flowers blooming alongside each other, creating a vibrant tapestry that enhances the farm’s natural charm.

A Tapestry of Colors:

Amidst the lavender, the farm surprises with bursts of vibrant yellow rapeseed, adding a striking contrast to the purple hues. This interplay of colors creates a visual feast, showcasing the diversity of nature’s palette.

Historical Charm: The Roman-Style Wall at Somerset Lavender

A Touch of History:

The Roman-style wall at Somerset Lavender adds a unique historical dimension to the farm. This architectural feature, reminiscent of ancient Roman craftsmanship, stands as a testament to the farm’s connection to history and its dedication to preserving a unique landscape.

Unique Feature: 

This wall is more than a mere boundary; it’s a defining characteristic that sets Somerset Lavender apart. While oak trees are common in lavender fields, the Roman-style wall offers a distinct charm, blending the beauty of nature with a touch of historical elegance.

Plant Nursery and Flower and Vegetable Garden at Somerset Lavender

Plant Nursery:

The nursery at Somerset Lavender offers a delightful open-air experience, situated adjacent to the café. This space, free from the confines of structures like the old silo, now accommodates a wider array of plants for sale, catering to the growing number of visitors. Here, you’ll find an assortment of salvias, which are not only visually appealing but also a favorite among bees, contributing to the farm’s vibrant ecosystem. The nursery’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of recyclable pots and the diverse selection of plants, extending beyond lavender to cater to a variety of gardening interests.

Flower and Vegetable Garden at Somerset Lavender:

This garden is a feast for the senses, featuring:

  • Mint Plants: Known for their therapeutic properties, particularly for stomach ailments, with varieties like lemon mint offering a potent, refreshing scent.
  • Hydrangeas: These stunning blooms transition from white to a beautiful pink, adding a burst of color to the garden.
  • Runner Beans and Sweet Peas: These plants bring a touch of traditional English gardening to the farm.
  • Sweet Corn and Kale: Reflecting the farm’s commitment to diverse cultivation.
  • Dahlias: The garden boasts large dahlias, offering a visual spectacle with their size and beauty.
  • Sweet Peas: Arranged in a grand processional way, adding elegance and charm to the garden.

The garden also features strategically placed benches, allowing visitors to sit back, relax, and absorb the beautiful combination of garden colors and lavender fields.

Getting There: Traveling to Somerset Lavender

By Car:

Somerset Lavender is located in Faulkland, approximately 20 minutes from Bath and 15 minutes from Frome. The address for your GPS is Somerset Lavender, Faulkland, Radstock, Somerset, BA3 5WA. The farm offers ample parking, ensuring a hassle-free start to your visit.

Public Transport Options:

  • From Bath or Bristol by Train and Bus: For visitors coming from Bath or Bristol, the journey can begin with a train ride to Frome station. From there, the Frome minibus service is available to take you directly to the farm. This combination of train and bus travel is a convenient option for those coming from these cities.
  • Direct Bus from Bath or Bristol: The Frome minibus is the primary public transport link to the farm. A key location to board this bus is Victoria Hall, which provides many connecting options from both Bristol and Bath. 
  • The latest Frome bus timetable and route can be accessed here. As of 2023, the fare is £2 for a single journey or £3.10 for a booked return ticket, purchasable from the driver with contactless payment.

Farm Shop Lavender Products and Café at Somerset Lavender

Farm Shop Lavender Products and Cafe at Somerset Lavender

Lavender Products:

The farm shop at Somerset Lavender is a delightful showcase of lavender-inspired products, each embodying the essence of the farm’s aromatic fields. The range includes:

  • Liberty Lavender Bags: These adorable, handmade bags are filled with the farm’s own dried lavender. Their cute design and handcrafted quality make them a charming and authentic souvenir.
  • Lavender Candles: The shop also offers beautifully scented lavender candles, perfect for creating a relaxing and fragrant atmosphere in your home.
  • Gift Boxes: Thoughtfully assembled gift boxes combine various lavender products, making for elegant and thoughtful gifts.
  • Fragrance: A selection of lavender fragrances is available, capturing the farm’s essence in each unique scent.
  • Bath & Body: Indulge in soothing soaps, luxurious lotions, and other bath and body products, all infused with the farm’s lavender.
  • Relaxing with Lavender: Discover items designed for relaxation, such as lavender eye pillows and essential oils, ideal for those seeking tranquility.
  • Culinary Items: The culinary range includes lavender-infused honey, teas, and other edible delights, offering a unique twist to your culinary creations.

Cafe Delights:

The cafe at Somerset Lavender offers a delightful taste of the countryside with:

  • Homemade Cakes: A selection of delicious homemade cakes, including some infused with lavender, offering a unique and delightful flavor.
  • Lavender-Themed Treats: Enjoy a range of lavender-themed treats, perfectly complementing the farm’s atmosphere.
  • Lavender Cream Tea: A personal favorite, the lavender cream tea is an essential English afternoon tea experience with a lavender twist, featuring scones, clotted cream, lavender-infused jam, and a selection of teas.

The farm shop and cafe at Somerset Lavender are experiences in themselves, celebrating the beauty and versatility of lavender in various forms. From unique gifts and relaxing items to delightful culinary experiences, there’s something special for everyone. And don’t forget to take home a piece of Somerset Lavender with beautifully designed postcards, perfect as keepsakes or to share your experience with loved ones.

Wildlife and Nature Conservation at Somerset Lavender

Biodiversity at the Farm:

Somerset Lavender, with its sprawling fields of lavender, plays a crucial role in supporting local wildlife, especially bees and other pollinators. The lavender fields, rich in nectar, are a paradise for bees, showcasing a vibrant ecosystem at work. This interaction highlights the importance of lavender in maintaining the health and diversity of the local bee population, which is vital for pollination and ecological balance.

The farm’s biodiversity is further enriched by its cultivation of other major crops like sunflowers and rapeseed, alongside lavender. These plants not only add to the visual splendor of the farm but also create a diverse habitat for various species. The sunflowers, with their large, nectar-rich heads, are particularly attractive to bees and birds, while the rapeseed fields contribute to the variety of flora available for pollinators.

In addition to these, the farm’s dedicated vegetable garden hosts a range of plants, contributing to the overall biodiversity. This garden, though smaller in scale compared to the vast lavender fields, plays its part in supporting a variety of insects and small wildlife, adding to the farm’s ecological richness.

Conservation Efforts:

Somerset Lavender’s approach to conservation is deeply rooted in its sustainable farming practices. The farm’s commitment to organic agriculture ensures a healthy and safe environment for both plants and wildlife. By avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, the farm maintains its fields as a haven for biodiversity.

The farm also contributes to nature conservation by preserving natural habitats within its boundaries. Elements like hedgerows and small wildflower areas are maintained, providing essential spaces for wildlife to thrive. These areas serve as crucial habitats and corridors for various species, enhancing the farm’s role in supporting local ecosystems.

Practical Information for Visitors to Somerset Lavender

Opening Times and Admission:

Somerset Lavender welcomes visitors to its enchanting fields during specific times of the year.

  • Summer Months (June to Mid-August): The farm is open every day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • Winter Months: During the winter, the farm operates from Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Visitors are advised to check the farm’s website for any changes to these times.

While admission to the farm is free, Somerset Lavender appreciates donations from visitors. To make a donation, please visit Somerset Lavender Donation.

OnsIte Donations box at Somerset Lavender

Facilities and Accessibility:

The farm is equipped with excellent facilities to ensure a comfortable visit:


The restrooms at Somerset Lavender are exceptionally clean, reflecting the farm’s commitment to providing a pleasant and hygienic environment for its visitors.

Accessibility for Those with Disabilities:

The farm strives to be accessible to all. Efforts are made to accommodate visitors with disabilities, and those with specific needs are encouraged to contact the farm for more information and assistance.

Dog-Friendly Environment:

Somerset Lavender is a welcoming place for dogs, understanding that they are often an integral part of the family. Dogs are allowed on the farm but must be kept on a leash to ensure the safety and comfort of all visitors, as well as the farm’s wildlife and plants. Dog owners are expected to be responsible, ensuring their pets are well-behaved and do not disrupt the farm’s serene environment.

Nearby Dining Options for Visitors to Somerset Lavender

Exploring Somerset Lavender can be a delightful experience, and if you’re looking to complement your visit with some local dining, there are several great options nearby:

The Faulkland Inn:

Conveniently located within walking distance from Somerset Lavender, The Faulkland Inn is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy traditional British cuisine in a cozy pub setting. It’s perfect for a leisurely meal after your farm visit.

Castello Restaurant:

A short drive away in Radstock, Castello Restaurant offers a taste of Italian and Mediterranean dishes. Ideal for those seeking a diverse menu with classic Italian flavors.

The Packhorse: 

In Bath, The Packhorse presents an authentic British pub experience with traditional fare. It’s a great spot to soak in the local culture and enjoy a relaxed meal.

Menu Gordon Jones: 

For a fine dining experience, head to Menu Gordon Jones in Bath. This restaurant specializes in European and British cuisine, offering an exquisite menu for a more upscale dining experience.

These dining options provide a range of culinary experiences, from casual to fine dining, all within reach of Somerset Lavender. They offer a wonderful way to round off your visit to the farm with a satisfying meal.

Exploring Nearby Attractions Around Somerset Lavender

Discovering Bath:

A short drive to the historic city of Bath offers a journey through time. Explore the Roman Baths, the stunning Georgian architecture, and the Royal Crescent. Bath is a cultural hub with numerous museums, galleries, and shopping areas.

Cotswolds starting at Castle Combe:

A bit further afield, the Cotswolds represent quintessential English countryside. Starting at Castle Combe, often referred to as ‘The Prettiest Village in England’, you can explore traditional Cotswold architecture, rolling hills, and charming villages. The area is perfect for enjoying the tranquil rural landscape.

Bristol and the Southwest:

Venture into Bristol for a mix of history, culture, and modern vibrancy. Known for its maritime history, street art, and the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol offers a diverse range of attractions. The Southwest, in general, is rich in scenic beauty and historical sites, making it a great area to explore.

My Personal Experience and Recommendations at Somerset Lavender

My view Somerset Lavender as i sat on the benches

Highlights of the Visit:

My visit to Somerset Lavender was an enchanting experience, marked by the farm’s tranquility and natural beauty. Here are some standout aspects:

  • Family Atmosphere: The farm has a welcoming, family-oriented vibe, making it a great destination for visitors of all ages.
  • Exceptional Food: The café’s offerings are both delicious and reasonably priced, with the lavender cream tea being a particular highlight.
  • Therapeutic Products: The farm shop’s array of lavender-based products is impressive, offering a variety of therapeutic and relaxing items.
  • Stunning Garden: The meticulously arranged garden, with its vibrant colors and diverse plant life, was a personal favorite.

Tips for Visitors:

Based on my visit, here are some recommendations for those planning a trip to Somerset Lavender:

  • Best Times to Visit: Summer months (mid-July) are ideal for seeing the lavender in full bloom. 
  • What to Bring: The weather can be unpredictable, so it’s wise to bring a jacket and comfortable walking shoes. Be ready to take pictures – your phone will suffice, especially if you prefer to travel light.
  • Drone Photography: If you’re interested in aerial photography, check the farm’s policies first, as there are overhead electricity cables in the area.
  • Accessibility and Travel: The farm is accessible, but travel options are limited to a single company, so plan accordingly. 

Somerset Attractions

Exploring Nearby Areas:

In addition to the wonders of Somerset Lavender, I highly recommend taking the opportunity to explore the nearby town of Midsomer Norton. Just a stone’s throw from the farm, Midsomer Norton offers its own unique charm and is well worth a visit. For more information about what Midsomer Norton has to offer, you can visit Visit Somerset – Midsomer Norton.

Exploring wider Somerset: 

For those looking to extend their adventure in the Somerset region, Westlink offers an on-demand service covering the greater Bath and Bristol areas. This service enhances the experience of exploring Somerset, allowing visitors to go beyond the usual tourist destinations and immerse themselves in the region’s diverse and rich cultural and natural landscapes. Whether it’s finding a secluded countryside spot, exploring quaint villages, or experiencing local events and festivals, Westlink can be your gateway to a more personalized and fulfilling exploration of Somerset.

This convenient option is priced at just £2 for adults, making it an affordable way to explore more of Somerset’s hidden gems. 

For more information and to plan your journey, visit Westlink – On-Demand Service.

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Conclusion: Discovering the Unique Charm of Somerset Lavender

Somerset Lavender offers a distinct and memorable experience that sets it apart from other lavender farms in the UK. Its serene atmosphere, coupled with the vibrant colors and soothing scents of lavender, creates a peaceful escape in the Somerset countryside. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to the UK, Somerset Lavender is a delightful detour, inviting you to explore and appreciate the unique charm of English lavender farming.

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