“Discover Weymouth: A Seaside Gem on the Jurassic Coast”

"Discover Weymouth: A Seaside Gem on the Jurassic Coast"


Welcome to Weymouth, a captivating seaside town nestled along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. A charming gem with a rich history and natural beauty, Weymouth is where time slows down, inviting you to immerse yourself in its stunning sandy beach, historic harbour, and Georgian architecture. Here, the past and the present seamlessly blend, bestowing upon the town a unique allure that is hard to resist.

As you step into Weymouth, the first sight to catch your eye would be its beautiful beach. Stretching majestically along the sea, Weymouth Beach isn’t just a natural marvel but the heartbeat of the town. It’s a place where locals meet for a friendly chat, where children build sandcastles, and where visitors soak in the captivating sea vistas.

But the charm of Weymouth isn’t confined to its coast. Beyond its scenic seafront, the town is a treasure trove of historical sites, vibrant seafood scene, and close proximity to nature. From strolling along its Georgian seafront to exploring the historic harbour and embracing the local arts scene, Weymouth offers a bouquet of unique experiences for every kind of traveller.

And the best part? Weymouth’s friendly locals, who always have a story to share or a recommendation to make, ensuring your journey in their beloved town is nothing short of unforgettable.

So, whether you’re a history enthusiast, a beach lover, a foodie, or just a wanderer in search of serenity, Weymouth awaits you with open arms. Come along as we delve into the countless experiences this enchanting seaside town has to offer. And who knows? By the end of this virtual tour, you might be yearning to pack your bags and experience the seaside splendour of Weymouth firsthand.

Check out this introductory guide of Weymouth, Dorset to kickstart your virtual tour.

Now, let’s dive into what makes Weymouth, Dorset such a unique travel destination.

Getting to Weymouth: A Journey to the Jurassic Coast

By Train: A Direct Route from London’s Bustle to Weymouth’s Calm

Board a direct train from London and find yourself in the serene surroundings of Weymouth in just a few hours. The journey itself is a treat, offering picturesque views of the English countryside. As you travel southwest, you’ll pass through charming towns and rolling green fields, with the landscape gradually giving way to the stunning Dorset coastline. The train usually takes around 2 hours and 56 minutes, but can take just 2 hours and 38 minutes on the fastest services. The right side of the train offers the best views, especially as you approach the coast. Morning trains are particularly delightful as the rising sun illuminates the landscape, making the journey even more scenic. To avoid the rush, consider travelling on weekdays or outside of peak hours.

Upon arrival at Weymouth station, you’ll find yourself just a short two-block walk east to the beach and The Esplanade, with its collection of hotels, guesthouses, bars and restaurants. For those with heavy luggage or mobility issues, there is a taxi rank outside the station, and the nearest bus stop for onward connections is around the corner on Commercial Road.

By Car: A Scenic Drive Through the Dorset Countryside

If you prefer driving, the route from London to Weymouth takes you through the heart of the Dorset countryside, offering panoramic views of rolling hills, quaint villages, and historic landmarks. You might even want to make a pit stop at some of the attractions along the way. The journey covers a distance of around 137 miles and typically takes about 3 hours and 48 minutes. The drive is particularly scenic on sunny afternoons, with the sun highlighting the beauty of the Dorset countryside. The right side of the car offers the best views, especially as you approach Weymouth. To avoid traffic, it’s best to travel outside of peak hours, and weekdays are generally less busy than weekends. Early morning or late evening drives can also offer the added bonus of stunning sunrise or sunset views over the Dorset landscape.

Upon arrival in Weymouth, you’ll find a variety of parking options. There are several car parks in the town centre, many of which are just a short walk from the main attractions. Websites like Parkopedia and JustPark provide comprehensive information about location, price, availability and restrictions for both on-street and off-street parking options in Weymouth. If you’re staying overnight, check with your accommodation provider as they may offer parking facilities or be able to recommend the best local options.

Stroll Along the Esplanade and Georgian Seafront

Take a leisurely walk along the Esplanade, lined with Georgian townhouses, and soak in the historic charm of Weymouth’s seafront. The Esplanade overlooks the beautiful Weymouth Bay and is a testament to the town’s rich history. The Georgian architecture is a sight to behold, with many buildings dating back to the time of King George III’s frequent visits. As you stroll, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the sea, making this walk a perfect blend of history and natural beauty.

Visit the Weymouth Harbour: A Nautical Nostalgia

The historic Weymouth Harbour is a must-visit. With its colourful fishing boats and yachts, it’s a delightful place to explore and learn about Weymouth’s maritime past. The harbour has two main parts, Custom House Quay and the Old Harbour, each with its own unique charm. The Old Harbour is home to the Tudor House, a 17th-century building that adds to the area’s historic appeal. The harbour is not just a visual treat, but also a hub of activity with ferry connections to the Channel Islands and France. Whether you’re a history buff or a maritime enthusiast, a visit to Weymouth Harbour is sure to be a memorable experience.

Explore Nothe Fort and the Sea Life Centre: Icons of Weymouth

No visit to Weymouth is complete without exploring the Nothe Fort, a Victorian-era fortification offering panoramic views of the coast. The fort is a multi-award-winning museum and visitor attraction that allows you to delve into the past. You can explore the maze of underground tunnels, visit the Victorian Gun Deck, and discover the secret underground Nuclear Bunker. The fort also offers stunning 360-degree views of Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, making it a must-visit for history and nature lovers alike.

The Sea Life Centre in Weymouth is another must-visit for families. Home to over 2,500 creatures, the centre offers an immersive journey into the world of marine life. From the smallest fairy penguins in Europe to the largest man-made rockpool in the country, the Sea Life Centre is a treasure trove of aquatic discovery. The centre also hosts various events and experiences, making it a fun and educational outing for all ages.

Immerse in Weymouth’s Maritime Scene

Visit the Weymouth Harbour: A Hub of Maritime Activity

Weymouth Harbour is not just a historical site; it’s a bustling hub of maritime activity. From fishing boats setting sail at dawn to luxury yachts docking at dusk, there’s always something to see. The harbour is a vibrant place that perfectly encapsulates the maritime spirit of Weymouth. Whether you’re watching the boats, enjoying a meal at a harbour-side restaurant, or simply soaking up the atmosphere, a visit to Weymouth Harbour offers a glimpse into the town’s seafaring soul. The harbour also provides a range of services for visitors arriving by sea, including berthing and fuel bunkering. It’s a welcoming gateway to the town and a testament to Weymouth’s rich maritime heritage.

Experiencing Weymouth’s Natural Beauty

Relax on Weymouth Beach: 

A Classic Seaside Experience Weymouth Beach, with its golden sand and calm waters, is perfect for a classic seaside day out. Whether you want to build sandcastles, swim, or simply relax, this beach has it all. You can find more information about the beach here.

Explore the Lodmoor Country Park: 

A Wildlife Haven For nature lovers, Lodmoor Country Park is a must-visit. This wildlife haven is home to a variety of bird species and offers beautiful walking trails. The park also features a Green Gym with outdoor fitness equipment, a Pirate Ship Play Park for children, and a nature reserve with an accessible 2.5 km circular walk.

The Vibrant Festivals of Weymouth

Weymouth Seafood Festival: A Celebration of Seafood

Every summer, Weymouth hosts the Pommery Dorset Seafood Festival, a two-day event that celebrates the town’s rich maritime heritage. The festival features over 100 stalls serving a variety of seafood dishes, cooking demonstrations by top chefs, and a host of family-friendly activities. It’s a fantastic opportunity to sample the freshest catch from the Jurassic Coast and learn about sustainable fishing practices.

Weymouth Carnival: A Summer Extravaganza

The Weymouth Carnival is a highlight of the town’s summer calendar. This two-day event features a grand procession, live music, beach sports, and a spectacular air show. The carnival culminates in a dazzling fireworks display over the bay, making it a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Weymouth Oktoberfest: A Beer Lover’s Delight

Weymouth Oktoberfest is a celebration of local and international beers. While specific details for the upcoming event are not currently available, you can expect a selection of ales, lagers, and ciders, along with live music and traditional Bavarian  food  . Keep an eye on the events 

The Culinary Journey in Weymouth

Traditional English Pubs: 

A Taste of Local Cuisine Experience the warm, cosy atmosphere of traditional English pubs in Weymouth, where you can enjoy a pint of local ale and a hearty meal. The Red Lion and The Old Rooms Inn are among the popular choices for their selection of local brews and classic British dishes.

Weymouth Seafood: 

Fresh from the Sea Weymouth’s location on the coast means it’s a fantastic place to enjoy fresh seafood. Restaurants like The Crab House Café offer a variety of seafood dishes, caught locally and prepared to perfection.

Dorset Cream Teas: 

A Local Delight Indulge in a traditional Dorset cream tea, a delightful combination of scones, clotted cream, and jam, served with a pot of tea. The Upwey Wishing Well is a charming spot to enjoy this local treat.

Things to Do at the Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast offers a variety of activities for visitors. You can explore the rich fossil history, take part in guided walks, or simply enjoy the stunning landscapes. The coast is home to several points of interest, including the Lulworth Fossil Forest, the Spyway Dinosaur Footprints, and the Ammonite Pavement. There are also numerous events and activities organized throughout the year, such as the West Dorset Three Peaks Challenge, guided walks at Worbarrow Bay, and Dinosaur Footprints Walks.

Accommodation at the Jurassic Coast

For those planning to stay longer, there are several accommodation options available along the Jurassic Coast. These range from holiday parks like the Graston Copse Holiday Park and the Durdle Door Holiday Park to luxury retreats like Mallinson’s Woodland Retreat. There are also numerous holiday cottages and campsites for those who prefer a more rustic experience.

Charming Guest Houses and B&Bs: Experience Coastal Comfort

The Royal Hotel Weymouth: This 3-star hotel offers beachfront accommodation with a shared lounge, restaurant, and bar. It’s loved for its views and proximity to the beach.

The Jubilee Hotel: Situated on Weymouth’s seafront, this family-run hotel offers scenic sea views, a welcoming atmosphere, and an on-site bar restaurant. It’s praised for its location, friendly staff, and easy parking.

Luxury Hotels: Relax in Style

Best Western Weymouth Hotel Rembrandt: Just a 5-minute walk from Weymouth Beach, this 3-star hotel features a modern leisure club, traditional restaurant, and free Wi-Fi. It’s appreciated for its location, clean rooms, brilliant breakfast, and value for money.

Campsites and Caravan Parks: Close to Nature While the page doesn’t list any campsites or caravan parks, there are other hotels and guest houses that might offer a close-to-nature experience. For instance, The Smugglers Inn offers stunning views and scenic footpaths around the building, and Moonfleet Manor overlooks Chesil Beach and the Fleet Lagoon.

Please note that the availability and prices of these accommodations may vary depending on the date of your visit

Exploring Further

The Jurassic Coast is a gateway to numerous towns and villages, each with its own unique charm. You can visit the historic harbour town of Weymouth, explore the rural landscapes of Dorset, or take a trip to the bustling coastal town of Swanage. Each location offers its own unique attractions and experiences, making the Jurassic Coast a versatile destination for all types of travelers.

Day Trips from Weymouth

Visit Dorchester: 

A Town Rich in History Dorchester, the county town of Dorset, is a delightful blend of historic charm and modern convenience. With its Roman roots, medieval buildings, and Georgian architecture, Dorchester is a town that wears its history on its sleeve. Visit the Dorchester County Museum to delve into the town’s past.

Explore the Isle of Portland: 

A Unique Landscape The Isle of Portland is a tied island in Dorset, connected to the mainland by Chesil Beach. Known for its unique geology, wildlife, and heritage sites, the Isle of Portland offers a wealth of exploration opportunities.

Enjoy the Jurassic Coast: 

England’s First Natural World Heritage Site The Jurassic Coast is a 95-mile long stretch of coastline in southern England, situated within the counties of Dorset and Devon. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognised for its outstanding rocks, fossils, and landforms. A day trip to the Jurassic Coast from Weymouth is a must for nature and history enthusiasts.


From its rich history and vibrant maritime scene to its beautiful beach and delectable local cuisine, Weymouth truly is a seaside town like no other. Whether you’re strolling along the Georgian seafront, exploring the historic Nothe Fort, or simply relaxing on the golden sands of Weymouth Beach, each moment spent in this town is a moment to cherish.

But don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to discover the charm of Weymouth for yourself. Immerse yourself in the relaxed pace of life, savour the fresh seafood, and let the beauty of the Jurassic Coast take your breath away. Whether you’re planning a family holiday, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, Weymouth has something to offer everyone.

We hope this guide has inspired you to explore Weymouth and all the unique experiences it has to offer. If you’ve already visited Weymouth, we’d love to hear about your experiences. And if you have any questions or need further information, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

Remember, every journey begins with a single step. So why not make Weymouth your next destination? After all, the seaside splendour of the Jurassic Coast is just a train ride or a drive away. Safe travels!

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