150 Action-Driving Instagram CTA Captions: Your Ultimate Guide

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Welcome back to our exploration of Instagram marketing! Let’s recap what Call-to-Actions (CTAs) are and why they’re crucial. But, if you want a deep dive into the mechanics of CTAs, do refer to our previous blog post for detailed insights.

Table of Contents

  1. CTA Examples for Encouraging Engagement
  2. CTAs to Drive Website Visits
  3. CTAs for Increasing Followers
  4. CTAs to Promote Sales and Discounts
  5. CTAs for User-Generated Content
  6. CTAs to Encourage Comments and Shares
  7. CTAs for Event Promotion and Signups
  8. CTAs for Contest and Giveaways
  9. CTAs to Promote App Downloads
  10. CTAs for Social Causes and Donations
  11. CTAs for Collaborations and Networking
  12. Bonus: Combining Multiple CTAs in a Caption

1. CTA Examples for Encouraging Engagement

One of the key goals for any Instagram account is to encourage audience engagement. Your captions play a vital role in this, and using effective CTAs can significantly boost the likes

2. CTAs to Drive Website Visits

Every time a user clicks through to your website, it’s an opportunity for conversion, whether it’s a product purchase, email sign-up, or event registration. Here are some CTAs to drive traffic from Instagram to your website:

  1. “Click the link in our bio for more details!”
  2. “Visit our website to find out more!”
  3. “See the full story at our website – link in bio.”
  4. “Head to our site to explore our new collection!”
  5. “Want to learn more? Check out our latest blog post!”

3. CTAs for Increasing Followers

Growing your Instagram following can help amplify your reach and create a larger community for your brand. Here are a few CTAs to help you gain more followers:

  1. “Love our content? Follow us for daily updates!”
  2. “Turn on post notifications to stay updated.”
  3. “Don’t miss out on our updates – hit that follow button!”
  4. “Join our community by following us.”

4. CTAs to Promote Sales and Discounts

If you’re having a sale or offering a special discount, your Instagram followers should be the first to know. Use these CTAs to encourage your audience to take advantage of these deals:

  1. “Swipe left to see our new sale items!”
  2. “Get 20% off! Use the code in our bio.”
  3. “Our sale ends tonight! Visit our website now – link in bio.”
  4. “Score big savings – tap the link in our bio.”
  5. “Limited time offer – shop now!”

5. CTAs for Engaging in Comments

Encouraging users to engage in the comments section not only gives you valuable feedback but also boosts the visibility of your post in the Instagram algorithm. Here are some CTAs to boost comments:

  1. “Tell us what you think in the comments below.”
  2. “We’d love to hear from you – share your thoughts below!”
  3. “Which is your favorite? Comment A or B.”
  4. “Tag a friend who needs to see this!”
  5. “What’s your opinion on this? Let us know in the comments.”

6. CTAs for User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful way to build community and authenticity. It shows you value your followers’ voices and contributions. Here are some CTAs to encourage UGC:

  1. “Tag us in your posts for a chance to be featured!”
  2. “Share your own experience with our product – tag us!”
  3. “We want to see your photos! Use #OurBrandName and tag us.”
  4. “Show us how you use our product – don’t forget to tag us for a feature.”

7. CTAs for Sharing and Saving Posts

Getting your followers to share and save your posts can dramatically increase your reach. Here are some CTAs that encourage sharing and saving:

  1. “Share this post with someone who needs to see this!”
  2. “Like what you see? Save this post for later!”
  3. “Don’t forget to save this post for future reference!”
  4. “Know someone who would love this? Share it with them!”

Onto the next section…

8. CTAs for Direct Messages (DMs)

Direct Messages create a private channel for communication and make your brand more personable. Here are some compelling CTAs to encourage DMs:

  1. “Got questions? DM us for more details!”
  2. “Want to know more? Drop us a DM!”
  3. “DM us for personalized recommendations!”
  4. “Slide into our DMs for more information!”

9. CTAs for Following Your Instagram Account

Building your follower base is essential for growing your brand on Instagram. Here are some CTAs to encourage follows:

  1. “Follow us for daily inspiration!”
  2. “Stay tuned for more updates, follow us!”
  3. “Don’t miss out on our updates, hit that follow button!”
  4. “Join our community, follow us today!”

10. CTAs for Story Engagement

Instagram stories are a fantastic way to engage with your audience in a more casual and immediate way. Here are some CTAs to use in your Instagram stories:

  1. “Swipe up to shop now!”
  2. “Tap to vote!”
  3. “Head to our profile and tap on the link in bio!”
  4. “Swipe left to see more!”

And that wraps up our comprehensive list of CTAs for Instagram. Now let’s see how you can make the most of these CTAs.

11. How to Use These CTAs Effectively

Here are some quick tips on how to use these CTAs effectively:

  1. Be clear and direct: Make it easy for your audience to understand what action you want them to take.
  2. Create a sense of urgency: CTAs like “Shop now!”, “Limited time offer!” can prompt immediate action.
  3. Personalize your CTA: CTAs that speak directly to the individual, like “Start your journey” or “Discover your style”, can be more engaging.

Now, it’s time to put these CTAs to work! Start experimenting with these different types of CTAs and see which ones resonate most with your audience.


Well-crafted CTAs are a powerful tool to guide your followers towards taking a desired action and engaging more deeply with your Instagram content. Remember, the best CTAs are clear, compelling, and give your audience a reason to engage. Whether you’re driving website visits, sales, comments, or shares, these CTA examples for Instagram can help you boost engagement and achieve your marketing goals.

Let’s recap, here are the 10 types of CTAs we’ve covered:

  1. CTAs for Visiting Your Website
  2. CTAs for Shopping and Product Discovery
  3. CTAs for Contests and Giveaways
  4. CTAs for Engaging in Comments
  5. CTAs for User-Generated Content
  6. CTAs for Sharing and Saving Posts
  7. CTAs for Direct Messages (DMs)
  8. CTAs for Following Your Instagram Account
  9. CTAs for Story Engagement
  10. Tips on Using These CTAs Effectively

We hope this guide inspires you to create compelling Instagram captions that captivate your audience and drive action. Remember, a great CTA doesn’t just direct users what to do – it gives them a reason to do it. Happy captioning!

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